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FLAMENCO by VIVIANA - About Viviana


Viviana has devoted a lifetime to dance, with intensive studies in ballet, modern and ethnic forms, leading to her specialties of Spanish classical and regional dance and the art of Flamenco. She has dedicated many years to continuing studies in Spain, California and New Mexico with such famous maestros de baile as Ciro, José Galván, Juana Amaya, Javier Latorre, Antonio Granjero, El Güito and Monolo Marín. She studied cante with Jesus Montoya, El Yiyi and Antonio Rey Paez.


Known for her creativeness and dramatic quality, Viviana performed and toured as Spanish dance soloist with Ballet Oregon, as soloist, choreographer and Director with Ballet du Lac, Ballet Fiesta and her own group, VIVIANA & Company FLAMENCO as well as appearing as featured guest artist in other venues.


Viviana has a lifetime of years of expertise as a professional in performing and teaching Flamenco dance, based on the style of Andalusia, Spain, the "cradle of Flamenco". She emphasizes basic techniques for both traditional and nuevo Flamenco choreographies, palmas, cante and the art of castanets.

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